Automatic Writing Circle  [ AWC ]

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Technical Requirements for Performance -

If you would like to arrange for more embodied contact in the form of an AWC performance, the technical requirements are:

  1. 6 loudspeakers spread out in a fan shape from the performers (the inner pair are on either side of the performers and the outer pair are at the middle edge of the auditorium
  2. 4 directional microphones (good for picking up instrumental sounds) with microphone stands
  3. 4 lengths of XLR cable to go from microphones to the AWC onstage mixing desk
  4. 6 XLR cables long enough to go from the AWC breakout box (XLR output) to your mixing desk or directly to the speakers; the actual breakout box providing this output (MOTU 896) will be sited on stage
  5. Darkness (ie no big windows with daylight coming in that would effect the Ouija light sensitive behaviour)
  6. Low level spot lighting (or similar) for the acoustic performers

Press Pack –
Download AWC TechSpec .pdf