Automatic Writing Circle  [ AWC ]


Seth Ayyaz (ney/daf)

Seth is a composer-performer whose work spans arabic, electroacoustic, live electronics, free improvisation and noise musics. His principle areas of theoretical interest are intercultural sound aesthetics, and neurocognitive aspects of auditory perception.
Ayyaz has presented his work internationally including at the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, Finland; Cafe Oto, London; Kunsthalle Luzern, Switzerland; and Irtijal Festival, Beirut. Most recently he premiered a new 8 channel electroacoustic work, ‘The Remainder’, at Maerz Music in Berlin. Forthcoming performances include the Haus Für Elektronische Künste in Basel, Switzerland.

Peter Coyte (ouija)

Peter is a composer and artist producing work in theatre, film and installations.
Credits include: A Streetcar Named Desire directed by Gemma Bodinetz, Macbeth starring David Morrissey & Julia Ford at The Everyman, Liverpool directed by Gemma Bodinetz, The Swallowing Dark written by Lizzie Nunnery, documentaries by Emmy award winning director Francois Verster, the Royal Opening of The New Darwin Centre at The Natural History Museum, Peepolykus, John Paul Zaccarini & Company FZ, Caroline Dorfman Dance Company, Big State Theatre Company, Holy Mountain, Gravity & Levity, Wrongsize and Mother Vision with David Sant.
His Soundtracks include the feature length documentary films ‘Sea Point Days’, ‘The Mothers’ House’ (SAFTA and Cape Town Best Documentary, Premio Diocesi di Milano at The Milan Africa Festival) directed by Francois Verster and the feature film ‘Fun” directed by Rafal Zielinski. His recording career began in 1994 as Shape Navigator on Guerilla Records and he was half of Ska/Punk/dub/Spoken Word duo SaltPeter with Salena Godden.

Kirsten Edwards (ouija)

Visual artist gravitating towards sound and collaborative improvisation.

Thomas Gardner (cello)

A composer, improviser, performer, computer programer and academic. His work is particularly concerned with the relations between sound art and music, focusing on group interaction and schizophonic splits.
Compositions have been performed internationally, and he has made pieces with choreographer Jeremy James, and permanent installations in the UK and Holland with Turner prize artist Martin Creed. As a cellist he gave first performances of works by Feldman at the ICA and the complete works of Walter Zimmerman at the Blackheath concert halls. His interest in the relationship between individuals and groups in live electronics led to his development of the ouija board.
Thomas holds a PhD from City University and is Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow at LCC University of the Arts where he is a member of the Centre for Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP).

Stephen Preston (baroque flute)

Established a worldwide reputation as a pioneering early music performer, has worked as a conductor, choreographer and director for opera, theatre and television. He developed Ecosonics from his research into birdsong, improvisation and new techniques for the baroque flute, and duetting.